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About Us

Our Brief History:

Platinum Fitness Club, the premium fitness club in Hyderabad, Telengana is one of the India’s finest and largest fitness brands. IT conceptualized with a unique idea of catering to people with medical conditions and offers special exercises in accordance to them.

Two years back when we realized that there are lot of people with various medical situations such as Diabetes; PCOS / PCOD; Thyroid; Sports Injury; Orthopedic conditions; Cardio Vascular Diseases etc., PFC felt the need of such a fitness centre which can cater to all these medical requirements.

We at Platinum Fitness Club realize the essence of exercise in preventing and controlling the onset and progression of such medical conditions. We have trained our trainers to understand the difficulties faced by these people and impart fitness regimes accordingly. Our expertise lies in customized solutions based on individual needs and problems.

Platinum Club offers their services in Cardio Training, Personal Training, Sport Specific, Endurance training, Zumba, Aerobis, Flexibility, Agility etc. Being the India’s first Family fitness club, our mission is to empower more women into health and fitness industry and provide a safe environment to them in a unisex gym.

Our Diet & Nutrition consultant is available to understand and provide diet plans based on individual requirements. The regular follow up from the dietician ensures that the weight loss goals of the clients are being easily met.

Our Love towards Fitness:

For us exercise is a way of life and we’ll let you know the simple secret of how to make exercise as your lifestyle also.

With the success of our franchise unit, Ozone Fitness and spa, Banjara Hills, we want to take the exercising experience to a whole new level with our new category fitness center “Platinum Fitness Club.” At Attapur, Hyderabad.

The services include Zumba Classes, Aerobics classes, Flexibility classes, Abs Classes, Luxurious Changing Rooms, Highly qualified Trainers, International standard equipment and many more other facilities. We have introduced a new advantage to the family wherein the kids can enjoy group fitness classes for free.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to empower more families into the fitness Industry and we are envisioning of building a nation where everyone are Fit and healthy. 90% of problems we face every day will just fade out with our exercises. We want to give our clients an experience where they can handle the stress levels and pressure they face in life and will be able to address them.


Platinum Fitness Club is the first fully functional family club in Hyderabad City. We are offering a varied array of plans of our services for your comfortability.

Holistic Wellness:

If you are looking to get fit by losing fat and want to start something which helps you ensure your flexibility and posture, so that you are ready for the next stage of health and fitness… look no further, Holistic Wellness Plan is for you.
The plan includes Zumba, Aerobics, Flexibility & Gym Membership

Cardio Blast:

For those looking to get their muscles ripped and exercising the most important muscle (the heart) in your body and all the while burning those calories for a new you…. We have Body Toning; Aerobics; Abs; Spinning; Gym Membership

Fit n Flex:

Flexibility tends to deteriorate with age and it is a crucial aspect of every fit person. For those experiencing constant muscle tears, aches and pains- Flexibility; Gym Membership program is for you.

Premium Club Membership:

Apt for those who are looking for fitness perfection, we are offering our A-Z health and fitness all under one roof. We have Zumba; Aerobics; Flexibility; Body Toning; Abs; Spinning; Gym Membership etc